A wonderful diverse recording. Something to please eveyone. If I would
have to pick a favorite it would be Track 5 "Still" but Track 8 "Everybody
Knows" keeps running through my head. Track 13 "Rosaile" reminds me
of a haunting Billy Joel. All in all a great set of tunes.

-- Review from Amazon.com user (Mt. Pleasant, IA)

"Easily one of the surprise songs of this year is 'Rosalie.' Just William. delivers on all fronts with this haunting, melodic, lyrically compelling and musically intelligent single. Give this your full attention and see if don't agree. From the CD, Blue Goodbye."


"Just William carries a unique and fresh modern rock meets
pop rock sound. Just William essentially defines their
sound because I can't exactly place a finger on a comparison."

" You can't box up Just William into a category or genre. If
you're looking for a cookie-cutter modern rock band, then keep
searching. But if eclecticism and a self-defined sound is more
your style, then you shouldn't pass up Blue Goodbye."

-- Erik Carlson

To read the full review from Seventhseed.com click here.

-- from GrassrootsMusic.com

"just william is a band that transcends genre. Modern rock holds tons of different expressions and just william pull lyric, melody, and meaning together in a way that sits in the rhythmic pocket but hangs on your melodic memory all day. With rock moving into a more meaningful place with bands like Switchfoot, Jimmy Eats World, and Coldplay, bands like just william are poised to offer to music lovers a stylistic approach that challenges both the mind and the heart, that combines power with grace, and pure abandoned fun with a serious look at life in the fast lane. Great writers, great players, and guys who take spirituality seriously without sentimentality and cliche."

-- David Bunker
President Catapult Group
Consultant to Grassroots Music Distribution
Adjunct Faulty at Wheaton College (Music Department)
Adjunct Faculty at Trevecca Nazarene University Nashville (Music Business Department)

"just william has been able to capture several different genres and hit them home with great lyrics.  Great sounds, solid  harmonies and incredible talent all wound together. Of everything I could be putting in the CD player, I find this CD there more often than most others."

-- Pamela J
radio personality KWOF  89.1 fm
Cedar Rapids, IA

"I love the Just William debut CD, the innovative songwriting and the diverse musical vibe are fantastic!  Once in the player its one of those discs that doesn't come out! Every song is different yet every song is "just william!"

-- Pat McManus, President
Rock In Prevention

"just william is a walking, talking, singing,
playing testimony to the power of God

just william's faith shines through their music

just william's passion for Christ is even more powerful than their music

just william puts on a professional, faithfilled performance

just william rocked the block at the street concert titled "Blessed Be the Rock" that the Methodist and Presbyterian Churches in Marion, Iowa sponsored. They brought youth together of many different churches an shared Christ with un-churched youth."

-- Rev. Julie D. Anderson
Pastor at First Presbyterian Church of Marion, Iowa



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